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Everything you need for a
better learning experience

Rackville has a wealth of experience in helping today’s educators deliver the best learning. We have the skills and practical knowledge to create better digital learning experiences for you.


From design to delivery, we know what good looks like.

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Listening to you and
your learners

All successful learning projects are built on detailed preparation. This begins with understanding your audience and identifying the learning gap you need to address. It is the answer to the who and why that informs great instructional design.

Rackville will framework your course, providing an overview of your training offer and how this can be built to deliver your desired learning outcomes.


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As learners grow accustomed to consuming knowledge on their own terms, Multimedia has become the number one medium for content delivery.

Rackville take an action based approach to designing self-paced learning solutions that drive learner engagement. We combine our  skills in industry leading applications such as Rise, Storyline and Captivate with our in-depth experience of animation and editing tools to lift any e-Learning project to the next level.


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When deployed correctly, video can be an effective tool to increase motivation and enhance the learning experience.
Your videos can be core or complementary to the delivery of your content.


From our own studio, we can create and edit video in many forms:

Instructional video for training or presentation
Cost-effective animation
Screencasts for tutorials and micro-learning
Interactive video and walk-thrus


At Rackville we are always looking for ways to make your content more fun and engaging. The introduction of activities into your learning experience helps your audience learn faster and retain what they have learned. Actiivites can also add a social element to your learning. This is key to building your learning community and ultimately a successful learning business.

Our team will work with you to create games and activities that are engaging, impactful and aligned fully with your learning objectives.

Activities and Gamification


Our team has a strong design background. We understand how eye-catching design strengthens the overall learning experience. Your learners will identify with your brand and engage better with your content.

Of course, it isn’t just about great graphic design. Our instructional design expertise breaks complicated information into easily digestible chunks. This supports rapid learning transfer and avoids low levels of engagement and motivation.

Whether it's presentations, an explainer video, infographics, charts, typography or 3D modelling, our team has you covered.


Legacy course conversion

Many learning providers have older course materials to update and add to their e-Learning portfolio. These projects may need a content refresh, new branding or simply use old technology that is no longer compatible with the modern learner.

In all cases, Rackville works closely with you to redeploy your learning assets in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Breathing new life into these older materials means improved revenues from minimal investment.

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Video Call

Virtual Classrooms

Your audience may be telling you to move your classroom offering online. For many, this is a daunting prospect.

At Rackville we make this transition easy.

Virtual classrooms move at a different pace and this means restructuring your content and chunking it up differently.

We scope, wireframe and design your live sessions to ensure
you are delivering information in an engaging manner.

Our virtual classrooms reinforce your brand identity while delivering highly interactive and impactful learning experiences.

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